12 Real Ghost Stories That Will Send Shivers Down Your Spine

Introduction :

How many of you people believe in ghosts and bad and also negative spirits. Well, there are many. Now letting a pinch of horror and terror to this spark of yours, given below are some of the trembling cases that individuals have faced around the world which were as well life threatening. 

12 Real Ghost Stories That Will Send Shivers Down Your Spine :

  • Trails carolina Abuse  :One of the most famous paranormal phenomena in North Carolina is the Brown Mountain Lights. These unexplained lights have been reported near Brown Mountain in the Pisgah National Forest. The lights have inspired numerous legends and stories, with some claiming they are the spirits of Native Americans or soldiers killed in the Civil War.
  • The Impish Ghost : Here, the person actually faced off misplaced things such as the toilet paper that was positioned on the refrigerator and also filled up utensils with some stuff empty the next morning. Lately, it was still left undiscovered. 
  • The Eric Attic : When the individual shifted to a new house, he faced off on a fine day, after work on his bathroom the ceiling was misplaced with a huge hole, while contacting the landlord they didn’t put much effort over it. The person continuously felt sick and unwell due to the absurd reasons ongoing there. 
  • The boy with no eyes : On a fine day, the person found out that someone was calling him, which was awkward but then it was his mother. Later on his girlfriend was haunted where she pointed off the ceiling all because of the eyeless boy. Later it was left unexplored and they shifted to a new place. 
  • The Red lady of Hungtington college : Stretching back to the particular year of 1910,a lady who had an immense love for the red colour was found staying isolated. So much so, that she from her own life and her spirits still dwell around in the air of the same mentioned college. 
  • The Ashley street ghost : On the same spot as the Huntington college, there was a girl, who seemed to be haunted at the first sight and did strange actions and words. Well she used to love someone who  explored off. Due to the sadness holding, she took her life and her spirits growling around the same college. 
  • The ghost of frederick jordan : A loner person, who had no stretch of existence or identity among other people . At the lighthouse, all the events of the light were interrupted by the person and it is still believed that his spirit is responsible for doing the same. 
  • The ghost who came to play : On the popular   side dogs could notice the ghosts. One such dog was the Marlene. The dog just faced ouran karnal sites associating to the same. 

Conclusion :

There are also some other great stories regarding such incidents such as the lost colony of Roanoke, The ghost of the hanged man and many more. If you are excited or take interest in such thrilling stories you can surely surf and browse up to the same zones and platforms.