Fri. Jan 28th, 2022

Did you know that heart issues are the number one medical threat we face all over the globe? This threat claims millions of lives every year globally.


All this can be avoided by ensuring you book a heart check-up, diagnose the issue and treat it accordingly. 


A recent Australian study found that around 80% of premature heart diseases are preventable. Now you might wonder if they are preventable, why aren’t they treated initially?


It comes to negligence, mistakes made while booking a heart check-up and not being aware of the risk factors. 


Therefore, today we have mentioned four mistakes that you must avoid at all costs while booking a heart check-up. 


1- Not thoroughly going through with the medical tests

  • The worst part of heart disease is that most of the symptoms are not noticeable. Unlike in the case of heart disease. 


  • Therefore, you must frequently visit your doctor and discuss your health concerns with them. 
  • Also, check your blood pressure, routine blood tests and cholesterol checks annually. 


2- Missing out screen tests even though you think you’re healthy

  • Many people don’t realise this, but you might still be healthy and suffer from cardiac disease.  
  • In the initial stages, it also becomes difficult to notice any symptoms, and hence you must perform a heart screening test. 
  • If you’re above 45, you must book a heart check-up every once or twice a year.
  • You can visit your nearest clinic for consultation. 


3- Enduring too much stress 

  • If you hold onto your emotions and stress for too long, it will increase your chances of getting heart diseases like stroke and heart attacks. 
  • If you experience grief, frustration, and anger, you must immediately put aside these feelings, leading to increased hypertension and high blood pressure. 
  • If it comes to situations where you’re not able to control your emotions, it is advised to take help from professionals. 


4- Do not ignore difficulty in breathing or chest pain

  • Some of the most obvious symptoms of heart disease are chest pain or difficulty in breathing. 
  • If you feel any discomfort in breathing, you must immediately consult your doctor, and they will diagnose and suggest the treatment. 
  • Ignoring these symptoms could have fatal consequences, which would be troublesome for you and your family. 


Final thoughts

You must never forget to book a heart check-up once every year. To book a heart check-up at affordable rates, visit Bajaj Finserv Health.