6 Healthy Habits To Have In Your 30s

Thinking about the lifestyle changes you must make in your 30s can be intimidating. However, these changes are nothing new; we just don’t always pay attention to them while we’re younger. In fact, we are constantly reminded that we must maintain our health.

Remember how our parents always told us to eat healthy food, exercise, and brush our teeth daily? Well, that advice also applies when we’re 30 years old. This list is endless, and it seems to get longer and longer as we age.

The 30s are a remarkably unique time in our lives when we are professionally, mentally, and physically capable of achieving a tremendous amount. But we can only do this if we make the adjustments required to get the most out of our physical and mental capabilities while positively impacting as many people as possible. So, in light of this, here are a few healthy habits you can and should adopt in your 30s.

Quit alcohol and smoking

When you’re 30, you’ll probably be accustomed to a social life that involves smoking and drinking with your buddies. While this is all well and good, consuming alcohol and smoking cigarettes during this point in your life can lead to various healthcare issues when you’re older.

So, do your lungs and liver a favor and quit smoking and alcohol. Otherwise, your body will become dependent on these bad habits, and you’ll find it difficult to stop in your 40s or 50s.

As far as how to rid yourself of these bad habits is concerned, you can Google some tried and tested tips to quit alcohol and smoking. You can also search for advice from professional rehab service websites like delphihealthgroup.com. Ultimately, find an option that works for you without being overly intrusive in your daily schedule.

Don’t eat like a college student

When you’re 30, your body will start to show the side effects of eating Chinese takeout or those cheese-filled nachos when you were in college. You must understand your body changes as you grow older. So, it would be best to ensure you’re fueling it with the right foods. This means eating like an adult and overcoming your college eating habits that have followed you into your 30s.

Limit your junk food consumption to no more than twice each month, and space them as far apart as possible. Doing this will allow you to enjoy your life while making healthier lifestyle adjustments to remain healthier during your older years. Of course, doing this will initially take a lot of patience and dedication. After all, it can be extremely challenging to get rid of bad eating habits overnight.

An easy way to accomplish this is to start by removing one unhealthy food item from your weekly shopping list. If you remain consistent with this technique, you can easily push aside your college eating habits and remain healthy during your 30s and beyond.

Maintain healthy relationships

As you grow older, having healthy relationships with your friends and family is great for your overall health and well-being. According to research, loneliness raises stress levels, which can also increase inflammation in the body. This, in turn, increases mortality.

Au contraire, friends provide stress alleviation and foster a sense of community. They are crucial for improving mental health and assisting you in overcoming traumatic situations you’ve faced in the past. So, here are some relationship tips you must follow:

  • Be honest and open
  • Always remain flexible
  • Focus on quality relationships rather than quantity
  • Find people that share common interests

Get some quality sleep

Contrary to popular belief, sleeping less doesn’t give you time to accomplish more. Of course, if you’re awake 20 hours a day, you will definitely get more stuff done. But this isn’t an effective approach to getting more work done. You need to get your “beauty” sleep, no matter what.

Getting enough sleep will allow your body to regenerate, replenish, and remain more active while awake. That said, the focus here is on quality nap time rather than getting more sleep.

For instance, if you’re sleeping 8 hours a day but constantly being disturbed by your pets, you’ll wake up groggy and annoyed. So, the best way to get quality sleep is to remove all distractions once you hit the hay. For instance, power off all your devices, dim the lights, listen to soothing music, or do anything that calms your mind. It will ensure you sleep like a baby and wake up energized in the morning, whether you sleep 4 hours or 8.

Get your body moving

We have the opportunity to experience life at our most resilient in our 30s. It is a point in our lives where we have the best chance to get our body into peak physical shape without putting in too much effort. It is a time when the deck is stacked in our favor. So, it would be a no-brainer to take advantage of this and incorporate some form of physical activity into your daily schedule.

Of course, we’re not asking you to prepare for a ten-mile marathon or train like an athlete. Instead, participate in activities that give you the best return on the time you invest. For instance, join a yoga group, go for a hike, or give rock climbing a try. At the end of the day, try something you can be consistent with. And most importantly, have fun!

Focus on your mental health

In our 30s, we typically embark on a path of self-discovery. During this time, we’re starting our families, focusing on our careers, and generally going through various life changes. However, people who think that the 30s are too early to become “adults” might find it difficult to cope with such abrupt changes.

If you fall into this category of people, now is the time to focus on your mental health. This means searching for a counselor and seeking help. These professionals will help you get your priorities and guide you to become a more well-rounded person. That is something you need to have when you’re 30.


Typically, healthy aging is a blessing that few people experience. That said, accepting your age and giving up bad habits you adopted while you were younger will set the stage for what to expect when you grow old. Implementing the healthy habits shared today will have a powerful impact on your prime years. But don’t forget the earlier you start incorporating these changes, the better it will be for you and the people who care about you!