7 Tips to Pick the Right Wedding Suit

You popped the question, and she said yes! Now the wedding date has been announced, and the planning has begun. Now it is time for you to find the one suit that can stand out from the rest. Naturally, you’d like to look top-notch and not regret anything when you look at the wedding album. For this reason, you find yourself caught up in one of the most crucial tasks when planning the big day. This article contains a few key steps to consider when looking for wedding suits in Sydney.

1. Getting Your Wedding Suit Tailored

Sydney is among the world’s premier fashion destinations. It’s no surprise that Sydneysiders have a unique fashion sense. The secret to pulling off a great look in a suit would be to have it tailored to the exact size and shape of your body, taking into consideration all the different contours and coming up with a suit that’s neither too tight nor too baggy and fits you just right. A tailored suit is suitable if you want to avoid free-size options. Have an experienced tailor cook up some magic to make you look like the show’s leading man.

2. Checking Out Fabrics and Colours

The difference between a conventional suit and a wedding suit is that there are always many options and styles to experiment with when it comes to the latter. You can experiment with fabrics, colours, patterns, and linings. You are free to be creative with the combinations and can opt for a bold fabric like tweed with pinstripes and a gold silk lining. You could subtly introduce matching colours by throwing bow ties or patterned pocket handkerchiefs that match your groomsmen.

3. Picking the Right Accessories

A classic Rolex or a pair of cufflinks that represent your personality would go a long way to finish your wedding look. Cufflinks are very helpful in highlighting the suit. And it is a no-brainer how important a watch is to complete the look of a suit. Pick matching designs and colours, and you’ll be dressed to impress.

4. Selecting Matching Shoes

Whether it’s suede loafers or patent leather shoes, keep in mind that the shoes must complement the overall tone of the suit. The shoes must look smart and be comfortable to wear while matching the colour of your suit. If the suit is charcoal grey, go for black leather shoes. If you’d like to be bolder, you can go for velvet loafers or glossy leather.

5. Consider the Season

In Sydney, summers are between December and February, while winters are between June and August. Choose a warmer fabric or add an extra layer with a waistcoat if the wedding is in winter. If a warm summer garden is the setting, why not add a little spirit to the suit by opting for a sunflower pocket square or a floral tie? Make sure these additions and inspirations respect the occasion.

6. Consider a Three-Piece Wedding Suit

While sticking to a jacket and trousers for wedding suits in Sydney may seem basic, an added waistcoat would be the missing puzzle piece that could elevate the overall aesthetic of the suit. A three-piece suit is a surefire option to appear smart. It can also be customised with different colours that add character to the overall look.

7. Matching All the Metals

This is the easiest style hack in the book. Remember that the jewellery, if any, must match each other. For instance, If you decide to wear a gold earring, your cufflinks too must be gold. And these accessories are crucial when picking the suit too. Matching all the metals is a great way to look sharp on the big day.

Wrapping Up

There are various options to choose from when it comes to wedding suits in Sydney, as there have been many different styles popping up from time to time. Remember the tips provided and stay true to your personality.


Author Name: Grace