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A Bland WFH Space Is Bad for Your Motivation

Let’s face it, even though designing your work environment may seem like the last thing you’d want on your mind when you have deadlines to crunch, it’s becoming increasingly important given that work-from-home (WFH) spaces and in-home offices are popping up everywhere. And while many can handle lounging in their couch or kitchen for hours at a time, it’s the perfect opportunity to treat your dedicated workrooms with just as much love as you show all our renovation projects.

Of course, don’t go into this renovation thinking you’ll be adding every piece of eclectic furniture possible and investing the same budget as you would with a kitchen overhaul. And while you think it might be convenient to renovate your entire home because you’re already renovating a space dedicate for your home office, that might not be a prudent decision. It might sound wise to overhaul your kitchen’s plumbing and hire a plumbing expert while you’re building a work nook near your kitchen, but you don’t want to sink your pockets too deep or go overboard.

That said, here are a few ways you can make a dedicated WFH space that is more inviting, more conducive for work, make you more productive, and, if possible, motivate you more than your current setup:

  1. Play With Different Colors

Much like how you try to focus on different things to make running feel a lot less repetitive, playing and adding different colors and tones to your WFH space will help make the room feel more vibrant and welcoming. Of course, you don’t have to splash every possible hue found on the rainbow. But trying a different palette, be it more soothing or vibrant, can add more life and spark visual interest in any space.

  • Try Adding an Accent Wall: Although accent walls may feel like an outdated method of creating emphasis and focal points in a room, it has been coming back as a trend and is a breath of fresh air considering the endless streams of white on white or all the dark greys everywhere. Plus, given the variety and affordability of accent colors and paint, you can experiment with different styles like a mellow dark blue or a more prominent color like maroon.
  • Introduce New Furniture: Besides getting a paint job for your WFH space, you could also try introducing new furniture and seating into the room to give it more levels and working desktops. Just try your best not to cramp the place too much with tables and vanities because it will undermine the functionality of the space, which is to get as much work done as possible within your 8-hour clock schedule.
  1. Think Dual Purpose and Functional

Most people consider their in-home offices as strictly limited to work purposes. While that may seem like the objective answer at face value, you’re losing a lot of utility out of the room if you don’t try to blend it with other activities. Likewise, the choice of hobby and activity is entirely up to you, but many individuals working from home usually recommend indoor gardens and reading fixtures.

  • Make Space For An Indoor Garden: Like how this dreamy English kitchen manages to add some herb and spice jars here and there, it’s not impossible to make space for an indoor garden inside a WFH room. You could try adding mini pots by the window, installing an extra shelf for your plants, or even a hanging wall design. It may not be the best complement to a workspace, but it can help soothe your mind in between stressful moments.
  • Extra Storage For Books And Papers: Apart from indoor gardens, if you’re more of the bookish and productive type, then you may want to consider adding extra storage for your paperwork and favorite novels. It’s not uncommon to find a bookshelf built into the room’s wall itself and is very tasteful and reminiscent of fancy mansion homes in detective-mystery films. You can even go as far as to design the WFH space around that theme too.
  1. Maybe You Need More Light

Last but not least, if none of the design options sound like they will work for you, then your WFH space might just be lacking in the light exposure department. One method of changing things up is installing a new window to welcome in more light, but you can also expand the room itself for more extravagant designs, so as long as you double-check the clearance with an expert.

  • Installing A New Window: Many people consider window shopping (no pun intended) as simple as pulling a bag of chips from the counter, but there’s a lot more to it than meets the eye. For a WFH space, your new window should have a strong frame and material to help with heating and lighting, but not too invasive that you feel like the entire street can see what you’re doing.


Overall, working from home should be just as fun as watching your favorite Netflix series. And if a renovation project is what it takes to brighten up the space, you must make it a priority! So, feel free to mix and match the advice mentioned in this post to suit your needs and the dimensions of your in-home office.

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meta desc: Most people find sitting on the couch just fine. But because remote work is here to stay, it’s time you consider renovating your WFH space too. Learn how to design an exciting WFH workplace in this blog post.

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