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Asuka Shikinami

Asuka Shikinami Langley is a gorgeous female animated character from the anime Neon Genesis Evangelion. Her age is fourteen years which is fairly young. She is one of the main female protagonist of the series and she has also been titled as the “second child” of the project of Evangelion. Her surname is Soryu in the english manga but Sorhyu in the english TV series version of it and also on the website. She has also made her appearance in the movie Evangelion : death & rebirth and also the End of Evangelion. She is affiliated with NERV organization. Her birthday is on 4th of December 2001. Her approximate weight in the series is around 45 kilo grams. Zeppelin is her Mother and Misato is her Guardian. She made her debut appearance in Episode 8 of the 4th volume. She is voiced by Tiffany Grant in the Japanese version and Stephanie McKeon has voiced her for the English dub. Though she was raised in Germany, her nationality is American.



Asuka Shikinami is a pretty young girl with long hair. The color of her eyes are dark blue. Her hair is usually loose styled in such a way that her flanks are held in twin tails. She wears a red interface headset. Her normal daily outfit for which she is known is her school uniform which is pleated in dark blue color overall. Underneath is a white button up blouse. She wears a red bow which is attached to the shirt’s collar. She wears knee high socks which have red stripes on them. For foot wear she prefers black Mary Jane shoes. She also wears a red colored watch on her wrist. She also sometimes wears a pale yellow and lavender outfit. Her plugsuit is red printed with the number 02.




Asuka is usually very proud of herself. She believes in her piloting skills and takes proud in them. She comes across to others as proud regarding not only her flying skills but also her appearance, apparently she believes her body is beautiful and “busty” , also her skills as a pilot touch the sky. Asuka is stubborn and has a hard time explaining her true feelings to other people. She hates it when someone looks down on her or when someone tells her what to do. She wants to be viewed as an adult in the eyes of everyone. Asuka sticks to her opinion very aggressively. But from the inside what people fail to see is she is a vulnerable girl who is insecure about her thoughts. Asuka sometimes sees this side of her in her dreams. Asuka wants to be self sufficient, does not like to rely on others. She is also seen not caring about other people’s space a lot. She also has a hard time accepting that she needs help whenever she needs it.

Asuka Shikinami




Asuka Shikinami’s mother was a scientist of the German branch of the Evangelion project.

Asuka’s father had an affair with a german doctor.

Asuka’s mother committed suicide because she went insane during an experiment.


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