Sun. Dec 4th, 2022
baddie aesthetic outfits

Baddie Aesthetic Outfits: Introduction


Aesthetic is the word on every teenager’s, influencer’s, celebrities and our mind in this era. The pandemic hit some of us hard, it took away our social life, motivation, enthusiasm and many other things we enjoyed in life. But one thing it cannot take away is our Style. The aesthetic look attracts fresh vibes to the society and makes each person unique in their own beautiful way. The “baddie” aesthetic is not only the coolest of all types of fashion trends but it attracts people from different regions, styles, communities to get together and spread joy and chill vibes. The baddie aesthetic style is still new to the world fashion so people are liking the new, fresh vibes and positivity this trending style  is spreading through out the world.


When you decide to wear the baddie outfit, you are the Queen of your own world. People will compliment how damn good you look, people will stare at you thinking why isn’t their outfit as good as yours. But no one, I repeat no one can question your sense of style and fashion because baddie people who adapt this style are always very confident. You will attract all the good vibes because this style makes you free, un-chained from any fashion locks the society tires to put on you. Baddie aesthetic people are always positive and have no doubts on their outfit because this style allows you to choose the pieces that suit the best on you and wear them with the right combinations!


IDEAS: Baddie Aesthetic Outfits


While there are many combinations and elements for a baddie to try out and explore,  There are some ingredients which are golden and always look chill no matter who is trying them on.


Ripped Skinny jeans – This is one of the main ingredienst to achieve the baddie look. The skinny pants are made with a strechy fabric which fits and takes shape according to your body. Plus the ripped look where the jeans is torn and your skin peeps out makes you feel like a certified baddie.


Chains : The chains around your neck (either golden, silver or black) are your gateway passes for entering the baddie phase. These chains come in many different sizes and styles so it is important to know which jewellery suits which clothing. Wearing chains can signify how confident and prestigious you are about yourself and your outfit.


Tube tops/Crop tops : Having tube tops in your wardrobe is a must for this look. Nothing is better than flaunting your body in a tube top which compliments your pants and shoes. Crop tops have the superpower to make your mid body area near your stomach look flawless and amazing. Plus, if you have a good body shape, just go for it. The results will be breathtaking.


Pretty sneakers : Be it Air Force 1 or converses, there are plenty of good footwear to choose from. Just remember to keep the colour matching with your outfit. Matching is the key. While a pair of whites will go with almost every colour of baddie wear, it is also important to wear some kicks which have colors but are not too dark and funky. Aesthetic baddies prefer their sneakers pretty and bold.

Tip : match the colour of your shoe with the jacket / top you wear.

Baddie Aesthetic Outfits




FOR PARTIES : One piece dresses or sleeve less dresses along with shining jewellery on neck, wrists and ears will make you a party Goddess. High heels with a bold colour will look amazing with this. You can also wear shades on you eyes if they match your dress colour. A nice medium-sized hand bag will be your cherry on top.


CASUAL :  If you’re just looking to chill, with out any occasion, just wanting to look like a top tier baddie going on with your daily life, you have hundreds of options. But to look good, you need to do the best matchmaking with those options. Try to match your outfits. You either have the option to match the footwear with top, or the top with shoes. And always choose good accessories and matching eyewear.


BEACH VIBE :  If you’re on the beach, a purple or a semi-dark colored bikini will do wonders. You can add a thin jacket of the same colour and throw in a matching sunglass. If it’s very sunny then wearing a round hat is also a great option. For footwear, you can hop in some pretty sandals or go bare feet!


MEETINGS : Wearing a black/white/pale coloured blazer along with a matching medium skirt or full pants will make you look very professional. If you’re wearing black then silver colored watches and rings will suit you. Don’t forget to add a black eyewear. For footwear, stick to heels and you can carry a sassy purse.

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