Black Creators Facing Huge Issues With TikTok

TikTok is not just an app – but it has become a key factor behind creating headlines for some bad reasons too. Now black creators have accused TikTok for not giving them the same platform as others are getting, which is impacting their views and reach. It is a huge allegation they have made in the western world that can impact the social media platform at a huge level that many people can even stop using the app, which is not a good update for them as they are already banned from India, which is a huge market for any social media platform. Some Black TikTok simone ttibloomberg has put some major questions.
Mya Nicole Johnson, who is a young teenager from Black influencer having over 675k followers, has said that her videos have blocked several times that has impacted her ability to create content. This is a mega update that has shocked many black and non-black content creators as they do not want an app to treat people with different colours in a strange manner. Kahlil Greene did also face same problems. Some of the times, they did even remove the videos which is indeed not a great thing to do at all. This is what happening with several content creators who are black around the world.

As many of them have raised their voice, it has become a huge talk in the western world as they have many times presented some of the things that does go against TikTok, where some do say that it does happen as it is an app which has its base in China and hence, they do use this tool as a way to enter into many homes of the western world. This is indeed what makes an impact to show the impact of the social media app that has come at the level of Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Twitter and others. This is not a normal as post 2016, TikTok is the only platform that has managed to do this at the highest level. This is indeed tells a lot about the name and fame of TikTok. However, the other section says that TikTok is just an app and it should be used like that. But when strange things like targeting a community happens, it does put several questions in front of the world tiktok complaints
that are very hard to deal with.

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Hence, it does tell a lot about the art of the application to create news for good and bad reasons. However, this time around it is about black community that has suffered a lot. This is why, one should never treat them in a strange manner. What would happen with their videos? They are not saying anything against any cast and religion, so what is lacking behind not helping them to grow. They do want to become the best and are doing hard work. So it would be the job of TikTok to help them who have said that there is nothing like that and TikTok is smellier to all.