Blookey Review | Online Tools for Teaching & Learning

Education is an important key to understand the different ladders of life, but if we can have the access to gain this knowledge through mode of fun and enjoyment isn’t it amazing? Do we have anything like that? YES, Blookey is the answer for the learners to have laughter, enjoyment and entertainment with some learning and skills development.

About Blookey

Blookey is a digital learning platform for kids. Blookey is an application which is designed perfectly to convert tough learning into simple form for the kids. Blookey helps children to learn various kind of things in a way of fun and entertainment. Educators prepare list of multiple choice questions on Blookey and kids solve it from their electronic devices while playing a strategic game and do fun learning. If students answer this questions correctly they received points, money or items in return. If you have any queries related to register and application, you can send a mail to their official e-mail ID available on their portal. Blookey have various game modes: Tower Defense 1, Crypto Hack, Lunch, Factory, Crazy Kingdom, Monster Brawl, Tower Defense 2, Tower of Doom, Café and some more fun.

Introduction of Blookey

Blookey is a kind of video game which have various puzzles published by Adapted Brain. Blookey is a modern way of learning things through technology, combination of action with education is what makes is easy for the students to gain knowledge and build their skills. Blookey is having a rating of 4.6/ 5 by coursera.4/5 Common sense media on Google. It says join game and level up classroom engagement, that’s where the fun starts, as they offer varieties of games so that student can engage and extend their educational skills. Players join the game with an unique code created by the teachers and further process take place.

Agenda of Blookey

Blookey have four major agenda:

  • To motivate students
  • Teaching effortlessly
  • Customising freely
  • Joining the community

Blookey have a mission or aim to change the way of learning for students. They wanted to bring the shift in the traditional method of learning from big textbooks to a digital screen. Blookey is some how saving entertainment as it save paper wastage, save tutors energy and save times.

Process of Blookey

  1. Choose a set of questions

Educators prepare a set of multiple choice questions according to the what is needed to be taught to the kids.

  1. Select a game mode

Once the question set is prepared, players select a game mode.

  1. Host and Join through unique code

After choosing the game mode, host create a game and others join it through unique code.

  1. Play to review

Throughout this step player will not only enjoy their time but will also be answering the set questions based on the content taught to them.

  1. Lastly, to analyse the result

After the step of Play to review, on the basis of answer given by the students a result is prepared in terms of credit points or items which helps in enhancing the performance in future.

Alternatives to Blookey

There are many other similar online portal for the kids to learn like Kahoot, Nearpod, Google Slides, Quickschools, Notedex, Classic Quiz, Baamboozle, Top Hat, MyschoolWarx and many more. All the mentioned alternatives are having similar purpose of reducing the stress of learning from traditional mode to the digital platform.

Pros and Cons of Blookey


Blookey turns boring education system into fun learning. Kids can learn with an enjoyment. It is easily accessible, user- friendly interface with bunch of games mode. Educators and students both participate in this learning, loads on parents are reduced as students can give the answers from their electronics only. Blookey also contributes towards the environment as it reduce the usage of papers, save time, save money and energy of the tutors. Student are also free from carrying load of bag pack up to their schools. Parents can also host a quiz or test paper for their kids to give home learning. Student understand the value of technology at early stage, there are varieties of games mode and Blookey ensures that kids will love to play it again and again. Blookey immediately provides results, it provides some points or items to each correct count which motivate learners to participate more and more.


Blookey is a virtual platform which contributes towards the digital world but it is one of the major reasons that the presence of physical touch is being vanished. Having fun learning is good to get the clear picture of the content but, merging them is still not a good option from the opinion of many parents for their kids.

Blookey asked students to be on electronic media which affects their eye sight, students get addicted to screen touch. Having an early access to internet is as harmful as beneficial, Internet contains content of all notes and making them understood is a difficult task. Students are kept unaware of physical books and written notes.

Some educators are taking it as an advantage as they are not putting their full effort to teach students, real teaching is gradually turning towards the e- learning. One of the noted bug of Blookey is the limited to multiple choice questions and questions set lacks curation. Technical error or hindrance is the common problem which comes which technology.


Blookey is a great option to learn as if modern learning concept. Blookey have its own pros and cons but, modern learning is in the favour of the application, kids  also enjoy learning with fun. To know more about Blookey you can go their official website, if you have any queries or concern you can even mail them on their email also you can get their contact information from their officials.



  • What is Blookey?

Blookey is a digital learning platform where tutors prepare a set of multiple choice questions and students choose answers to those questions, each correct answer help them to earn some rewards.

  • Is there any major difference between Kahoot and Blookey?

The front interface of both the portal provide bit of different experience but, they serve the same purpose of learning with game and fun.

  • How to host on Blookey?

Firstly, select the game set you want to play, then click on the set page, choose host option and create an unique code and lastly share it with the learners for joining.

  • Who is the founder of Blookey?

Ben Stewart is the founder of Blookey who founded this amazing piece of learning art and fun to change the pattern of education.

  • What is the mission of Blookey?

Blookey was designed and launched in the market to change the traditional learning pattern of teaching into modern scale of digital learning with some elements of entertainment.