Cerner EMR Vs Centricity EMR: A Complete Guide 

Cerner EMR is a collection of e-health record systems and other clinical applications. The objective of this technology is to streamline clinical workflow for healthcare professionals and physicians, enhance patient safety, and reduce expenses. The platform provides a collection of comprehensive tools and capabilities for ambulatory practices to healthcare organizations and medical professionals. 


Centricity EMR is a medical institution-specific EMR module that enables the capture and storage of patients’ and institutions’ medical records. Additionally, the technology enables the sharing of records with diverse parties. Centricity EMR can be utilized either as a standalone program or as an integrated component of a company’s existing practice management solution. 


Both the software will be discussed in detail for a proper analysis, stay on board with us if you wish to invest in either of the two. 

Cerner EMR  

Cerner EHR is intended for and developed for physicians to deliver fully functional medical software for practices of all sizes and specialties. Voice dictation is supported by Cerner’s Ambulatory solution, which enables physicians and practice employees to access patient information and complete processes on mobile and tablet devices. All Cerner EHR processes are adaptable and cover over 55 medical specialties. 


The “Chart Search” tool of the system lowers the amount of time spent searching for information. Cerner Ambulatory EHR offers safe access to patient records and features a user-friendly dashboard. Ambulatory comprises ePrescribe, nCode, electronic lab requisition, and results analysis, which are aimed to save time and reduce the likelihood of human mistakes while making a diagnosis. The Cerner scheduling system was created to be as user-friendly as feasible for administrative personnel and patients. 

Cerner EMR Key Features 

Tap and Go Authentic  

Permits physicians to access many essential programs on clinical workstations with a single username and password. As they move places, scanning a badge immediately registers them into their virtual desktops, granting them immediate, one-click access to medical records. 


Utilizes data from throughout the integrated health system in order to conduct an enterprise and population health examination. Identifies, applies, and measures analytics-based strategic initiatives to eliminate duplicative processes, including cost and utilization, pharmacy spend, and practice management. 

Patient Portal 

Patient check-in and appointment management system that operates on its own without human intervention. Additionally enables the storing of signed forms within the electronic health records of patients. 

Cerner EMR Pricing 

The software has not published pricing models on its website. This typically occurs when pricing is customizable based on the needs of the user, and the request pricing option can assist. 

Cerner EMR Demo 

Cerner software offers a free demo on its website and it can be scheduled by users who wish to get familiar with the software’s features.  

Cerner EMR Reviews 

Cerner provides comprehensive security for sensitive medical data and an intuitive interface. Users also value the platform’s potential to facilitate medical facility collaboration. However, reviews also indicate a lack of efficiency owing to unnecessary clicks. Infrequent and sluggish updates that result in downtime and lack of customer support are also problematic. Overall, it is a viable option for businesses seeking a safe, user-friendly EHR platform.  

Centricity EMR  

Centricity is a system developed specifically for ambulatory medical offices. It strives to produce individualized healthcare tailored to the needs of each patient, resulting in higher-quality care and improved patient outcomes. Numerous ambulatory clinics use it to streamline daily operations and enhance revenue. Included in the supported specialties are breast health, cardiology, neurology, intensive care unit, oncology, and electrocology. 

Centricity EMR Key Features 

Voice Recognition 

Utilize technologies that recognize handwriting as well as voice input to make charting and reporting more efficient and convenient. Because the program conforms to the way users really practice medicine, it allows them to utilize real-world vocabulary rather than particular codes. 

Appointment Management 

Plan patient visits, identify patients who are at risk and oversee the management of specialized equipment and examination rooms. The scheduling process may be nearly totally handled automatically, which allows for a significant increase in the amount of exam room and equipment usage while simultaneously lowering no-shows via patient reminders. 


Assists in the recognition of patient patterns and provide health organizations with a notion of how well they perform in comparison to other practices. These analytics also encompass population health, which is concerned with enhancing the health status of a group of people as a whole. 

Centricity EMR Pricing 

Centricity EMR has not posted its complete pricing details on the website. Users who are interested in the software can get in touch with the vendor to get a more specific estimate. 

Centricity EMR Demo 

A demo is available for almost every software online because it allows users to get a little idea of how a certain program operates. Similarly, Centricity EMR also offers a demonstration option where users can schedule it whenever they want.  

Centricity EMR Reviews 

It is simple to employ, navigate, and search. It is simple to update/add changes or delete an accidental note. Capable of opening many windows to do tasks rapidly. The most crucial aspect of electronic records for healthcare is that they flow in an order that makes sense for what needs to be done to each patient, so that time is not wasted by moving back and forth between pages. Occasionally, though, the entire system may be unavailable, meaning that patients cannot be seen and their health records cannot be accessed. All systems experience this, and it is likely one of the disadvantages of EMR in general. 


Cerner EMR Reviews offers onsite and offsite hosting for usage by any size of healthcare company. The program promises to enhance patient care coordination and documentation by providing healthcare practitioners with access to clinical information. This can assist them in coming up with answers and making the best judgments to promote patient safety. On the other hand, Centricity EMR can be utilized as a single tool or as a part of an organization’s existing practice management solution. This improves the system’s scalability because it can be smoothly integrated into the clinic or hospital’s operations.