Cloud Nails: Ideas, Looks, Styling, Creative

The cloud nails are basically the nails with clouds designed on them. The clouds are quite constant all year around, from seasons to seasons, the clouds may differ in colours and appearances but they are constant. The monsoons are quite significant with dark heavy clouds, carrying raindrops and causing lightening, whereas the summer are beautiful portrayers of white fluffy clouds. The spring or fall as many people know it as is carrier of beautiful clouds with breeze and auroras. The clouds nails are very trendy today!

The cloud nails are also the branch of the vast schema of aesthetic nails; these are nails which have objects designs gracefully on the nail and in a sophisticated yet cute and classy kind of way. 

Different type of clouds and different shades of the sky give a lot of inspirational ideas for the cloud nails.


How to make the cloud nails?


Step 1- prepare the nail with the trimming and shaping of nails and pushing of cuticles. Then adding the base colour to the nail base. 

Step 2- the base is then given different shades if any on top of the base colour to create the perfect sky shade.

Step 3- the next step is to draw the clouds on the nails. There are different techniques of drawing a cloud, which are discussed later. 

Step 4- after addition of the clouds the nail is usually done, until the artist is willing to add ornaments or glitters on the nails.

Step 5- to top off the nail, a layer of gel top coat is added on the nails to protect the design and give it reflective properties when stuck by light. Also, it prevents the dullness of nails. 


Different shades used on cloud nails

The base colours of the nail is inspired by the natural sky, thus, generally the base is blue in colour, different shades of blue obviously. But, the colour palette of the sky also includes orange, red, pink and other colours. That’s why, the base is also painted in these colours. An ombre affect can be used for the same reason. The orange and red can be used to create the sky look.

For the clouds, generally white is used but other shades of greys are also used to make them look like rainy clouds. The clouds can also be filled with glitter. 

Cloud Nails


Different kind of clouds


The first and very basic type of clouds drawn is drawn out of dots, a tools which has a rounded bottom is dipped in the paint and dots are painted to look like clouds on the nails. This forms a cartoon like cloud but looks very pretty. 

Another type of cloud is drawing them with thin fine brushes out of dark shades and filling them with white. The clouds can look swirly and dreamy. 

A far more realistic cloud is drawn which many shades and is filled with nail paint with utmost attention and intricate details. Raindrops, rainbows or sun can be added to give a composite look.  

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