Experts in your business – Confidential Shredding

In order to meet your business’s needs and exceed your business’s expectations, Restore Datashred ensure they know the ins and outs of how your business operates. However your business operates and stores its confidential information, Restore Datashred’s team will provide an effective solution for your disposal needs, whether it is their home shred service, or on or off-site shredding at any scale, they have you covered. 

On average, each year REstore Datashred will send well over 100,000 tones of material to recycling, after securely shredding it of course. This includes all manner of digital media, such as USB drives and discs, as well as around 20,000 tonnes of textiles, such as uniforms, end-of-line clothing and marketing materials, in addition to around 80,000 tonnes of paper!

With a raft of experience and a team brimming with industry expertise, they are the best-suited business for meeting the needs businesses have with regard to confidential waste disposal.  


Millions of people in the UK are involved in the education sector. This generates huge volumes of confidential data… and waste. To keep on top of space and prevent data breaches, this data, and how it is kept and stored, needs to be carefully managed. To aid with this, Restore Datashred have a range of products that they provide such as lockable consoles or wheelie bins. 


It is critical that highly confidential data, such as patient records, be always accessible to GP surgeries and pharmaceutical companies 24/7. In an age of technological advances and enhanced data protection, safeguarding document destruction has never been more important. Shredding is the most secure way of disposing of sensitive information, which is why Restore Datashred arranges daily, weekly and monthly collections for confidential shredding services to free up your time and space. 


Legally, and to maintain your customers’ trust, all banks, insurance companies, building societies, investment firms, and other financial institutions must physically destroy all financial records once they are no longer needed. To strengthen customer trust and peace of mind, Restore Datashred can provide safe, confidential document disposal to help ensure the security of personal information and reduce the risk of data breaches for customers. 


Often, businesses assume that the financial sector, banks, or insurance companies will be targeted the most by data theft. However, recent statistics indicate that manufacturers can be easy targets for data breaches in the UK. Managing a manufacturing base’s confidential paperwork, R&D plans, procurement dockets, paperwork in triplicate, HR documents, and payroll records are just a few of the items that could be compromised without the proper disposal method. We recommend lockable waste cabinets and wheelie bins to keep the shop floor clear and your valuable industrial secrets safe and prevent them from falling into the wrong hands.


Private and confidential information is frequently kept on file by law firms. Due to multiple high-profile breaches in recent years, the gathering, storing, and destruction of such information have come under closer scrutiny. Your law firm may be subject to fines, lost income, and reputational damage if confidential information on client financial records, human resource forms, or payroll statements is compromised. Ensure that all personal information is managed safely and securely until it hits the blades of a Restore Datashred shredder.

If you would like to know more about how Restore Datashred can help your business stay compliant with all legislation visit their website and take a look at their existing case studies. Alternatively, you can call one of their helpful and knowledgeable customer services team on  0800 376 4422.