Five Destinations You Should Visit To Become A Yoga Nut

Yoga has become hugely popular over the last few decades and many cities and countries around the world consider themselves yoga hotspots, and more and more people are booking flights to them in order to enjoy relaxing and spiritual retreats.

The way yoga is viewed has completely changed in recent years. Where once it was considered entirely spiritual, it’s now considered a vital part of improving physical and mental health by people and professionals alike.

That’s led to more people than ever before taking it up, from those who have been through private rehab battling addiction, to those that want to lose weight or strengthen their core. That’s led to even more people booking flights and considering becoming complete yogis. But where in the world is the best place to become one?


India is the birthplace of yoga and is a must-visit destination for any yoga enthusiast. The country is full of yoga ashrams and retreats, and many experienced teachers are based here. The city of Rishikesh, located in the foothills of the Himalayas, is known as the “yoga capital of the world” and attracts thousands of yoga enthusiasts every year. In addition to yoga, visitors can also experience traditional Ayurvedic treatments, meditation, and explore the rich culture of India.


Yogis love Thailand due to its tropical climate, beautiful beaches, and relaxed atmosphere. The country has many yoga retreats and centres, particularly in the popular tourist destinations of Koh Samui and Phuket. Many of these retreats offer a combination of yoga, meditation, and spa treatments, making it the perfect place to relax and rejuvenate. Thailand also has a strong tradition of Buddhism, which provides a spiritual and cultural backdrop to any yoga practice.

Costa Rica

Costa Rica is known for its stunning natural beauty, biodiversity, and eco-tourism. The country has many yoga retreats and eco-lodges that offer a range of yoga styles, from Hatha to Vinyasa. The lush rainforests, pristine beaches, and natural hot springs provide the perfect setting to deepen your practice and connect with nature. Costa Rica is also known for its healthy and sustainable food, which is a key component of any yoga lifestyle.


Bali, Indonesia, has become a popular destination for yoga enthusiasts in recent years. The island has a unique spiritual culture, with a blend of Hinduism and Buddhism, and offers a range of yoga retreats and centres. Ubud, in central Bali, is known as the cultural and spiritual heart of the island and has a thriving yoga community. Bali’s natural beauty, including rice paddies, waterfalls, and beaches, makes it a perfect destination for a yoga retreat.


Spain is perhaps a more a surprising destination, but with its sunny weather, beautiful beaches, and rich culture, it is a great place for yoge for those that want to be in Europe. The country has a growing yoga community, with many retreats and centres offering a range of styles, including Ashtanga, Kundalini, and Iyengar. Many of these retreats are located in scenic rural areas or coastal towns, providing a peaceful and relaxing environment for a yoga practice. Spain’s delicious Mediterranean cuisine is also a great way to fuel a healthy and balanced yoga lifestyle.