For hot slag. Overview of Hyundai HL780-9 loader modification

One of the most difficult tasks for a front loader is transporting hot slag in metallurgical plants. The new Hyundai is able to cope with such operations, which is designed to work with temperatures up to 1,200 degrees and is equipped with a number of special options.

The most popular construction machines are front loaders. The popularity of these machines is due to their versatility and efficiency in terms of the cost of moving / transported material. This technique is used to perform a variety of works, the main of which are the loading and transportation of various bulk materials.

Hyundai produces 7 models of wheel loaders from 10 to 30 tons with buckets from 1.8 cubic meters to 5.2 cubic meters.

The most popular wheel loader model in Hyundai’s lineup is rightfully the HL780-9 model. This is a modern machine capable of performing a large amount of work in one shift. Its duty cycle is 11.6 seconds. The standard vehicle weight is 30,000 kg and the bucket capacity is 5.4 cubic meters SAE.

One of the most difficult tasks for a forklift is transporting hot slag in metallurgical plants. Here you have to work with temperatures up to 1200 degrees. It is for such temperatures that the loader of the new series is designed. To do this, a whole range of measures is provided that allows you to confidently operate the machine. This includes protective chains on all wheels. For long-term operation, heavy-duty axles are installed from the factory. Also, the machine is equipped with an automatic lubrication system for all moving joints, an armored windshield, and an emergency fire extinguishing system.

For comfortable work of the operator in a cabin the special mode of the increased productivity of the conditioner is provided.

The loader, which received additional options, has essentially turned into a protected wheeled self-propelled machine, in which the main part is a frame consisting of two half-frames: front and rear, interconnected by two hinges. Moreover, in this case, in the front half-frame, all hoses are covered with a special non-combustible covering material.

The main components and assemblies are located on the rear half-frame, for example: engine, operator’s cab, fuel and hydraulic tanks and other equipment. All of them are filled with special fluids and oils that can withstand high temperatures.

Loading equipment is located on the front half-frame. It is a classic Z-shaped scheme, which allows you to develop large breakout forces.

The rotation of the machine is carried out by two reinforced hydraulic cylinders located on both sides of the frame hinge.

CUMMINS QSM11 diesel engine with 344 hp drives not only the transmission, but also hydraulic pumps that ensure the operation of working equipment, hydraulic booster and other mechanisms. The design of front loaders is characterized by high reliability and careful protection of the main units. The cab of the machine has protection against overturning and falling loads.

The speed of movement of a vehicle equipped with a ZF gearbox and axles on standard tires reaches 36.5 km / h.

The bucket with a volume of 4.8 cubic meters is made especially for work with high temperatures. It has an increased bottom thickness and additional stiffeners inside the bucket itself. Bucket lifting time takes 6.1 seconds. Unloading by tipping occurs in 1.4 seconds. Lowering equipment to ground level in 4.1 seconds. Thus, the duty cycle of the loader is 11.6 seconds.

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