Gardeners – Do you have a local greenhouse and how important is that?

Having a local greenhouse and garden center close at hand is invaluable. As a keen gardener, you would want to have easy access to such a facility which will have many advantages.

A quality greenhouse and garden center will have everything that a Gardener could wish for. It is therefore very important to have a close look at what is available locally and settle on one that meets your needs. 

Not everyone has deep pockets, so you may wish to focus on an establishment that gives good value on price. But the price is not the be-all and end-all! Quality of the produce and service is important. Also, you will find that visiting different establishments will give you inspiration and open your mind to products and services that you may not have even thought about or considered.

What Can You Expect from a Quality Establishment? 

Obviously, you would expect to see a good range of plants, vegetables, trees, shrubs, fertilizers, soils, and gardening accessories. 

You would also expect the product to have been well tended and look in good condition. The “look” of the plants, trees, and shrubs will tell you a lot about the establishment; if they are presented in good condition, it is likely that someone has been caring for them (regular watering, trimming dead leaves, replacing anything that looks tired). That speaks volumes for the quality of your local greenhouse and garden center.

You would also expect to see a full range of what is available according to the particular season. 

But there is a lot more to it than that! Good quality products must be backed up with good service. Expect to be welcomed into the establishment and for the staff to show a keen interest in assisting you. 

Staff, however, should not only be friendly but should also demonstrate knowledge of the product and be able to guide you through the process of selecting produce that meets your requirements. Good local greenhouse and garden center staff will inspire you and add value to your gardening and produce-purchasing experience. 

You will be able to pick up some very useful tips on most aspects of your gardening. For example – lawn care, trees/ shrubs (when to prune), landscaping, and correct use of fertilizers and garden accessories.

At a cost, of course, you may find that there is a visiting service, whereby someone will come out to your property and give advice on what to do with your garden or land. 

You would expect the product to be backed up by a good sound guarantee. Put simply, if the plant, tree, shrub, etc fails then you would expect it to be replaced, Good quality establishments will operate a no-quibble replacement policy if a product dies or looks terminal, within a set period (usually 12 months).  Always check in order to give yourself peace of mind. 

In terms of value for money, you will sometimes find that centers will offer you a loyalty card; this may give a percentage discount for regular customers.

Above all – select the right local greenhouse and garden center and it will be a pleasant experience.

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