Sat. Dec 3rd, 2022

Growing plants indoors has many benefits including livening up a dull corner and naturally purifying the air. What we need is a plant that requires little to no time or care. Let’s take it to another level, we want plants that thrive on neglect. If you’re looking for a plant you just can’t kill, we have several low-maintenance houseplants that are very forgiving-

 Snake Plant

Place your spider plant in a bright, sunny spot, and it will grow rapidly, but it can handle low light. It also retains water well, so it will survive a few spills here and there. Plus, it produces babies that you can pot up and give to loved ones!

 Peace lily

Another popular choice for office spaces, the peace lily is a low-maintenance indoor plant that tolerates low light, low humidity, and inconsistent watering. Its glossy, lanceolate leaves adorn a central clump of stems, and can be plain green or variegated. The white flowers are most common in summer, but can occur at any time of year.

 Aloe Vera

Aloe vera is best known for its thick leaves that can provide a soothing gel for cuts and burns. Allow the plant’s soil to dry completely between waterings; Depending on the humidity of your home, this may mean watering as little as every two to three weeks.


Perfect for a bohemian balcony with cozy mattresses on the ground and fairy lights on the walls, the cactus is a truly eclectic choice. If it can survive in the desert, it can surely thrive in your balcony too. Some varieties of cactus only flower once a year, so you might want to choose this one if you want a bit of color with lots of thorns.


Pothos are the definition of low-maintenance indoor plants; It is extremely easy to care for and is a very adaptable plant. It can grow under different environmental conditions and in different media. It is a beautiful trailing plant that can be shaped to create beautiful compositions on the walls or table tops of your home. This plant thrives in high humidity but does well in a dry environment!

 Lucky Bamboo

A perfect housewarming gift! It can also be grown in soil or just water! It does not like direct sunlight, so it is an ideal indoor plant. It doesn’t make a fuss, it just grows slowly in water, but you can actually see it growing in soil. If it’s in the water, there’s no care involved! And if it’s in soil, you’ll need to water it once in a while!

Air Plants

Air plants are one of the best low maintenance plants and this plant doesn’t even need soil to grow. These plants only need some water every once or twice a week. Keeping an Air plant in your home won’t take much of your time and energy. 

Money plant

One of the most popular low-light indoor plants, the money plant is easy to grow in soil and water. It is also known as ‘Devil’s Ivy’ because it is nearly impossible to kill. All you have to do is get a clipping and place it in a pot of water or clay. This plant does not require much sunlight and people keep it in the whole house including the bathroom. They also look great in a hanging pot as the leaves hang down.

Areca palm

If you’re looking for a tall, leafy plant, betel nut may be right for you. If space permits, this plant can grow up to 30 feet. But as long as you keep it in a small container, it will stay small. Just be sure you don’t leave the plant in direct sunlight as it will result in turning the leaves yellow. You should also make sure you don’t water this plant too much – just enough to keep the soil moist.

Bring home these low maintenance indoor plants and add an aesthetic vibe to your living space. 

You can also choose to gift these plants to your friends and family who wish to have plants in their living space but can not spend much time in their care. These plants will not only keep their surroundings fresh and alive but will make them fall in love with them.