How to beat the summer heat and winter cold at your home?

The summer heat and winter cold can be unbearable, especially if you are living in a house that is not equipped with a reverse cycle ducted aircon. The good news is that there are many models of these available on the market, ranging from single-zone units to multi-zone units that can cool multiple rooms or zones at once.

Efficient and low-maintenance system

A reverse-cycle ducted air conditioner is an excellent option if you want to do your bit for the environment. It uses a small amount of electricity and water, and it has low maintenance costs.

It offers a comfortable environment.

A ducted reverse cycle air conditioner offers you a comfortable environment all year round. In summer, it keeps your home cool by removing excess heat and humidity through evaporation. When it’s cold outside in winter, the unit reverses itself to provide heating when required.

In addition to keeping your home comfortable at all times of the year, ducted reverse-cycle air conditioners can also help reduce energy costs by up to 50% compared with other forms of cooling or heating systems. They also reduce indoor humidity levels and prevent condensation on windows during winter months.

Easy to install

You can install a ducted reverse-cycle air conditioner yourself or with the help of a professional. You will need to remove the existing evaporative cooler in your home, but it doesn’t take long and is easy to do.

Once your old system has been removed, you can install your new ducted reverse cycle system. The installation process is straightforward, and you don’t need an electrician or any other specialist tradesman to help with the work. A typical installation takes around three hours on average. However, this depends on how many walls need cutting through or other difficulties that may arise from trying to fit such large equipment into an existing space.

Suppose you choose not to go down the DIY route. In that case, many contractors offer affordable ducted reverse cycle air conditioner installations for new homes and renovations where old systems have been removed. New ones need to be replaced instead of refurbished like traditional split systems, for example.

Through-the-wall model

A through-the-wall air conditioner has a duct that extends through your house’s exterior wall. The outside unit is mounted on the wall, meaning you can only use it in an area with exterior walls and no windows.

A ducted air conditioner cools or heats the room through an internal fan. You can place this unit anywhere in your home with enough space to accommodate its size and height—it will draw cold or warm air from inside your home and distribute it throughout the rooms where you installed it.

Mounted on the ceiling model

Mounted on the ceiling is a type of ductless AC that works in the same way as any other ducted model, except it does not require any duct installation. It has an indoor air handling unit that is mounted on your ceiling and an outdoor condenser attached to your roof or wall.

This type of system is preferred by many people who do not like having a noisy compressor unit outdoors and prefer to have their equipment hidden from view. This model offers you the maximum flexibility in terms of placement since it does not need to be placed near an outlet or make room for external pipes. The only limitation is how high you can mount it before obstructing your headroom.

Multiple rooms/zones model

The multiple rooms/zones model allows you to control the temperature of each room and zone individually. This is ideal when you want to ensure that each room is at an acceptable temperature for a specific purpose. For example, if you have an office or guest room in addition to your living areas, having them set to different temperatures would be beneficial. Hence, they’re comfortable for their various uses. You can also set individual rooms and zones at varying temperatures simultaneously.

The multiple rooms/zones model comes with separate thermostats allowing you greater control over the individual rooms and zones within each system on your property. The sensors monitor each zone separately so that they are always kept at an optimal temperature no matter how many people are occupying them or where they’re located throughout the home.

Investing in a reverse cycle ducted air conditioner can beat the extreme temperatures at home. It works as a climate control by cooling the air in summer and heating it in winter. The installation process is easy and does not require any expert help. These systems are ideal for homes with multiple rooms and zones as they offer complete comfort throughout your house.