Intel brings back a Skylake designer to co-lead chip development

Shlomit Weiss, a key figure in Intel’s client chip development, has been rehired to co-manage the company’s design engineering group. Weiss previously worked in Israel for Mellanox as vice president of its platform engineering group and general manager of its client microprocessor products group. She oversaw the design of the Sandy Bridge and Skylake processor families during her first stint at Intel. She will now share leadership of client chip development and design. Weiss began his career at Intel in 1989 and left in 2017 to become a senior vice president at Mellanox, which Nvidia acquired in 2020. She earned a Master’s degree in computer engineering with honours from the Technion – Israel Institute of Technology in Haifa, Israel. She established the Intel Israeli Women Forum, which mentors women in technology roles. Intel Shlomit Weiss Intel Tomhardware.

Intel’s Skylake chip architecture is perhaps one of the most well-known in the company’s history, as the company shipped multiple iterations of the same design for six years as it dealt with the fallout from its 10nm delays. Skylake was critical in allowing Intel to survive an extremely long delay between process nodes — the architecture supported Intel’s sixth- to tenth-generation Core processors, as well as multiple generations of server chips. During that time, Intel has lost approximately 10% of its overall market share to AMD (8% for server, 10% for desktop/laptop), which is surprisingly minor given the severity of the company’s delays. Shlomitweiss intel nvidiaalcorntomhardware.

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She will be working with Sunil Shenoy, another Intel veteran who was rehired in January. Both of these appointments are part of CEO Pat Gelsinger’s promise to rehire key leaders when he took over in January. Glenn Hinton, a former senior fellow at the company who came out of retirement to work on what he claimed was a high-performance CPU project, was also bought back by Gelsinger. Gelsinger’s appointment, he said, was a major factor in his decision. Intel shlomit weiss nvidiaalcorntomhardware.

Weiss stated regarding her appointment, “I am overjoyed to be returning to the place where I have grown professionally, as a manager, and as a person over the last 28 years. I’ve been following Intel Corporation’s Pat Gelsinger, who is leading the company with a new, bold strategy that I believe will accelerate its leadership. I will work hard to ensure that Intel maintains its hardware and chip leadership.”

Weiss is the latest high-ranking official to be enticed back by Gelsinger in an effort to restore Intel to its former glory days. In some ways, AMD has caught up to and surpassed Intel in recent years, though not necessarily in market share. Gelsinger was brought back to rewrite the script, and the re-hiring of Weiss is expected to be a big part of that. She is yet another Intel and industry veteran with a solid track record in chip design. Intel employs a large number of talented individuals. The challenge now is to carry out its audacious goals, which were previously hampered by chip delays and other factors. It will take time for the moves to pay off, but by bringing back Weiss and making massive investments to expand its chip manufacturing capabilities, Intel appears to be on the right track. Intel shlomit weiss intel nvidiaalcorntomhardware.