Just Wish: Developing a plan to fight against Cancer

Just Wish has indeed done a great job to make sure that there should be ample care for cancer patients. They started a programme to fight this major battle. The team of Just Wish is taking care of five people, and they are working on providing them medicines and other COVID care work for making sure that these warriors do have everything to make an impact.   

For this, Just Wish is even accepting donations. It will help them to help 100s of people in two to three years. This NGO started in 2017 under the leadership of Sushil Singh and Sarita Rawat Singh. They have worked very hard to reach a level where cancer patients can get the best treatment. 

“Cancer patients do need help. It is a very costly treatment. Hence, even small help can play a huge role. Our job is to provide something and try even more for taking and making this project bigger,” said Sushil Singh. 

Just Wish is working on other projects too for making sure that there is a light of hope for everyone. They do help humans, trees and animals by making sure that the right balance should be there. It takes years to make dreams come true; therefore, constant help should be there always. 

It does provide a level of comfort to everyone. Every house with good food to eat and have basic things do make this world better. It can help to tackle several things that impact this world. 

Just Wish is one good platform – and there are others too who do this good job. As many do look to make this world better, it can just have positive outcomes. People need help as not everyone can come up with solutions. Trying for solutions can be great – but first, there should be a balance that can work very well for everyone. 

One can find them out at www.justwish.co.in for taking a look at their latest projects.