Just Wish: It Is A Battle We Will Fight Together, Cancer Patients

Just Wish, a non-governmental organization (NGO), has indeed started another great campaign – “You Are Not Alone”. In the summer of 2017, Just Wish started its journey with tree plantation and educational programs. After growing thousands of trees and helping a number of students in India, Just Wish did set the base for their good works. On www.justwish.co.in, one can take a look at several projects they are doing. Every goal is there to help others for making this world a better place to live. However, it is hard to find one better project than helping cancer warriors. 


With this project, Just Wish is helping those who are fighting for their lives. As humans are surrounded by pollution, these problems have become a part of life. It is not a virus like COVID; however, the very problem kills the body fastly. Hence, there is always a need for quick actions for solving this problem. There are millions of people who need help as this treatment is costly. Hence, many times people do lose their loved ones because of not having financial support. 


“It is our duty to battle against cancer as it is not good to lose creative brains that easily. Governments are playing their roles. However, a collective effort from other sides is needed for making an impact. Otherwise, it can only lead to several painful situations,” said Sushil Singh; the founder of Just Wish.


It is indeed crucial to saving lives. There were 18.1 million new cancer cases and 9.5 million cancer-related deaths worldwide in 2018. As per a survey, by 2040, the amount of new cases of cancer each year is expected to hit 29.5 million, with 16.4 million cancer-related deaths. It is indeed not a good number as it takes a lot many lives. 


“Other than helping cancer warriors, it is crucial to aware people of living a healthy life for making an impact. It allows the whole world to follow a great set of healthy-living and then move forward for achieving their goals,” Sushil added. 


With a just-right approach and constant work, many lives can be saved. Hence, NGOs do need the light of donations for making a change in a bigger and better manner.