Sat. Jan 29th, 2022
Just Wish

Just Wish, a non-governmental organization founded by Indian entrepreneur Sushil Singh and his wife Sarita Rawat Singh, has helped several living beings in 2021. They started the year with planting numbers tress. However, the second wave of COVID-19 did fit several Indian souls in a very harsh manner. People were not just losing their jobs – but were also losing their near and dear ones. Just Wish, in these crucial times, used the facemasks of Deebaco for helping those who did not have the shield to protect this world. And at the same time, they provided food, medicine and other basic things of life to those who were looking for the light at the end of the tunnel. 

The NGO is also making a 251-feet tall statue of Bajrangbali for making a symbol to help people find power and strength in these challenging times. In 2022, the statue will be placed in Jaunpur, Uttar Pradesh, India. They are also planning to make more statues of Bajrangbali and place them out in different locations in India. 

Just Wish has also directed to make many schools for those who need the base for getting the basic right of education. In Noida, they provided projectors to many government schools in the month of October 2021. 

2022: Goals 

In 2022, Just Wish is aiming to help cancer warriors with taking care of their expenses. As the COVID-19 waves are taking the focus of the medical sector, cancer warriors are facing major battles to make things normal. Hence, Just Wish has made tie-ups with many hospitals for reaching those who do need a light of hope. 

There are many children who do not see the face of the school. After trying 18, it does become too late for them due to having a responsibility to feed the family. Hence, Just Wish has is taking care of some of the students. They are planning to make things better by making a change that can help several children to get educated. 

Just Wish is also making sure that the statute of Bajrangbali will be ready soon for creating a hope that can play a key role to beat COVID. 

They are also in touch with many food banks for helping out as many people as possible as it is not good to see people sleeping hungry. It is hard to fiend everyone in India – but that does mean that persons should not be ready to help as much as they can. 

Just is also making a COVID plan – so if the third wave hits India hardly, there should be a plan that can give hope to those who need it the most. 

They are also planning to plant 7,000 trees and take care of them. It is just a moral responsibility of everyone to take care of nature in the best possible way. 

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