Sun. Dec 4th, 2022

Monsoons are here again and now is the time for everyone to have a look at their car insurance policy. If the time has come for you to renew your policy or buy new car insurance, you should look at supercharging it with a bunch of add-ons.

 Why are Policy Addons Needed?

When you buy new car insurance, the cover you get is more than enough for people who are only going to drive for moderate times and distance in the year. However, if you plan to use your car frequently and consistently, purchasing appropriate add-ons is an absolute must. This is because- 

  • The comprehensive policy is bound by the limitations of depreciation which can be brought into cover if you purchase an add-on.
  • When you buy a new car, you will only get cover for the car itself but not for taxes you pay for registration charges. With add-ons, you are able to cover these government taxes and fees as well.
  • Generally, any water damage to your vehicle’s engine or transmission is not covered in the policy however when you get an add-on you bring these into the scope of cover.

 Must-Have Add-ons in the Monsoon Season

  • Engine and gearbox protector addon – It is perhaps the single most important thing that you need to boost the protection of your car in this monsoon season. When you get new car insurance its scope is rather limited and does not cover the damage caused by inundation or water ingestion in the engine or gearbox of the vehicle. This is where the engine and gearbox protector add-on comes to your rescue. If you pay the cost of an add-on cover, the insurance company will cover any damage caused to their assembly or any internal child part. The risk cover will extend in case of water ingestion in the vehicle engine or transmission, or any damage caused due to leakage of lubrication oil or the loss caused because of oil leakage itself.
  • Emergency roadside assistance: This is another very important add-on that you must have with your new car insurance, particularly in the monsoon season. If you get stranded on the road because of any problem with the car, you can contact the phone number given with your policy to get roadside support. The add-on will cover a wide range of problems with your car that can be rectified on the spot!
  • Car key arrangement in case of key loss or keys being locked in India
  • Battery jump-start support if the car battery is dead or flatlined
  • Fixing a flat or punctured tyre change service
  • Minor repair service not lasting for more than 60 minutes in case your car gets stuck because of some mechanical problems.
  • Towing of vehicle to a service station if it the vehicle not repairable in 60 minutes
  • Fuel delivery service is also provided where you run out of fuel, (petrol or diesel only, on a cost basis)
  • No claim bonus protection: NCB protection add-on is another thing you need to buy with your new car insurance. When you have collected no claim bonus of as high as 50%, making a claim works out to be mathematically unacceptable. In such cases, the NCB protection add-on means that even if you make a claim, you are still allowed the NCB you accumulated over the 5-6 years. This is particularly important for expensive cars where their own damage cover may be too costly. 

 Keeping Your Car Safe in Monsoon Season

Unlike the other seasons, you need to be very careful with your car in the monsoon season. Following are a few tips that everyone needs to follow!

  • First, go to a service center and get your brakes inspected. Change them if they are wearing out. Next, visit a tyre depot and get the tyre tread inspected. Get the wheel alignment and balancing done while you are at it.
  • Second, always make sure that you park your vehicle in a high place. If rainwater gets in the engine, it will completely ruin the heart of the car. If you have basement parking that has waterlogging risk, ensure that you park somewhere else.
  • Third, keep the battery of your car disconnected in case you do not plan to drive your car for more than a week at a stretch
  • Fourth, always keep naphthalene balls in the car. The rainy season is also the prime breeding season for rodents, insects, mold, and fungi. All these can make your car stink or even create a risk of infection.
  • Fifth, it is best to rotate the tyres of your car as the monsoon season sets in. In most front-wheel cars, front tyres tend to wear slightly faster because they provide the grip and steering for the car. Rotating the car allows for load balancing thus spreading out tyre wear.
  • Sixth, it is very important to check and change the wiper blades of your car at least every alternate monsoon season. If your wiper blades wear out, they will scratch the windscreen of the car. Not only does it make an irritating sound, but also worsens the glare-blinding effect from oncoming vehicle headlamps.

Policy add-ons can be chosen when you buy car insurance online and they provide you a lot of support not only during the monsoon period but around the whole of the year across all seasons. There are a lot of aspects that are not covered under even a comprehensive car insurance policy. To stay covered under and against all unanticipated mishaps, it is well recommended to understand your car usage, along with its features. Depending on the needs and usage, one should buy the relevant add-ons along with their car insurance policy.. 

Disclaimer: The above information is for illustrative purposes only. For more details, please refer to policy wordings and prospectus before concluding the sales.