Sun. Dec 4th, 2022
michael myers memes

Michael Myers is one of the most scariest characters ever and he is a character from the halloween series of the slasher films. He is famous for murdering people and he is a crazy killer. The character may be scary but the memes are definitely funny as hell. The appearance he puts on wearing a face mask and his scary outfit looks dangerous in films, but is prefect for making templates of memes. Michael Myer’s character is very perfect for making memes in any kind of context, it will always be funny. If you are a true Michael Myers fan then you don’t want to miss our list of his hilarious memes.


THE IMPACT & SPREAD OF Michael Myers Memes


Michael Myers memes always hit the trending page and are truly sensational. His one of the very first memes were used on twitter and it got over 6100 re-tweets and over 19 thousand likes in a time span of less than two weeks. Micheal myers was already an iconic character from the early era of horror and his memes are also equally iconic. There is something more funnier about making memes on a character who is supposed to be scary, powerful and strong in his movies. He even has a page on Facebook and subreddit on reddit named as Michael Myers memes which has over 14K followers and 8,655 members respectively. On 6th of November another Michael Myers post received a high amount of likes and re tweets on twitter, around 30,000 likes to be precise.




  • Michael Myers is sad because Halloween is suspended for 2 years back to back due to Covid 19.
  • If you put a woman’s hair on Michael Myers, you get Mariah Carey.
  • Michael Myers opening his shirt : Hello October, I have been waiting.
  • Hello, I am Michael Myers and I am a deranged Psychopath and I am going to take out my problems on you.
  • Michael Myers dressed as Santa Claus : when it’s not your holiday but you still want to celebrate.
  • Halloween but 60 years later : Michael Myers left his Nursing home to murder people.
  • Fun fact : No matter how fast you run, Michael Myers walks faster.
  • Michael Myers sitting at a desktop PC : Michael Myers searching for his next victim.
  • When they always ask why you are killing them but never ask what’s killing you.

Michael Myers Memes



Memes are a way of sharing cultural information with the different people. Memes allow us to connect and spread joy. If memes wouldn’t exist then we wouldn’t have got such easy to digest information. The best way to learn new information and be up to date with the world is boring when we have to read long paragraphs, memes make learning and sharing information a fun process. The benefit of making and sharing memes are endless : you get your recognition for the ideas you use to generate memes, plus you communicate with your friends & family and share easily understandable information. This kind of shareability often relaxes people.

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