Personal Protection Equipment (PPE)- Safeguarding your workers

The Health and Safety Executive Department conducted research that revealed that 60% of accidents that occur at workplaces could be prevented or the severity of an injury could be reduced if the workers had used Personal Protection Equipment (PPE). In most cases, PPE was either not provided or was provided but not used properly or was provided with the incorrect type of PPE. Whatever the situation, the employer could have to deal with legal action by the injured and is likely to be found negligent in front of the law. That means if your employees are required to use or wear personal protective equipment while at work, you need to ensure that all your employees are provided with the top-notch quality PPE kits and that they all wear them correctly at all times at the workplace. 

Numerous PPE suppliers provide different types of world-class equipment that include tools for eye protection, hearing protection, prescription eye protection, hand protection, respiratory protection, head and body protection, workwear and more. If you want to know what these instances are when PPE can help you, continue reading!

Here are some of the ways how PPE can help:

#1 Biological hazard protection

Biological hazard protection is mainly related to medical professionals. You must have seen doctors, nurses and other medical staff wearing gloves, masks, and full-body PPE kits when handling sensitive cases or an outbreak of a deadly disease (for example- the recent COVID-19 pandemic). This is used to avoid transferring diseases from one person to another. Besides this, people who deal with biohazard materials also need biological hazard protection kits to safeguard themselves and avoid contact with hazardous materials. 

#2 Ballistic protection

Ballistic protection equipment is specifically designed for armed forces. It is not wise to go to war without wearing one because a war field is a dangerous site, and a ballistic protection kit can safeguard your life. Unfortunately, few people involved in law enforcement also use such kinds of PPE kits for their protection. 

#3 Fire protection

Have you ever seen a fireman storming inside a burning building? They never do so without wearing a protective suit. Fire protection suits are a kind of Personal Protection Equipment that help them protect themselves so they won’t fall victim to fire. These suits enable them to do their job efficiently whilst keeping themselves safe. After all, they are there to save people.

#4 Sports Protection

Sports is another scenario where people must use different types of Personal Protection Equipment. Various sports require special protection equipment and tools; one such sport is shooting, for which you mandatorily need shooting glasses, shooting earmuffs, and shooting earplugs.

#5 Respiratory protection

A gas mask is an excellent example of respiratory protection equipment. These masks are essentially required to avoid inhalation of harmful substances. For instance, if you own a workshop where your workers are working on some wood, it is always a good idea to ensure they wear a gas mask to prevent themselves from inhaling sawdust.

Where can you find PPE?

If you want to pick up a range of Personal Protection Equipment to keep yourself and your workers safe, you will find many PPE suppliers everywhere. However, going online will become an extensive choice of companies that provide you with exactly what you may require, and many of them also have brick-and-mortar stores that you can visit to see what they offer. You can even get their expert’s assistance to find out precisely what you will need to keep everyone protected and reduce your risk of legal action for non-compliance. Depending on your specific needs, they can even help you customise your Personal Protection Equipment kits. 

Hence, it doesn’t seem very difficult or expensive to take preventive measures and ensure everyone is safe at your workplace. So if you don’t want your workers to get injured or ill because of your work, keep your employees protected with the right PPE kit.