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Racist Jokes: Intro


Racist Jokes: Racism is the act of discriminating people over color, race or any other community difference and treating them unfairly for it. Everybody is same in the eyes of God and the law, everyone is same before humanity. No one should be judged on the basis of their color, ethnicity or community. Every person deserves to be treated equally regardless of characteristics. In all seriousness, racism is no less than a crime and no one should do it, it is an immoral, bad and evil thing to do. But making friendly jokes on it are fine as long as no one is drastically offended or hurt. If racist jokes are made then it should be made for all communities and just target one community.




Racist memes and jokes are fair if they are written fairly for everyone and not just target one community. It’s basically like – if you can make a joke, then you should also be able to take a joke. Many racist memes have allowed us to hear the voice and opinions of communities and people in the form of memes, when they thought they were not being treated fairly. The digital platforms where we make jokes and create memes on racism allow us to fight actual racist people and disclose all the racist stereotypes. These platforms are also open of people who are treated unfairly, so that they can say their feelings to world in the form of jokes or memes, where people wouldn’t judge them, wouldn’t feel offended and understand them.

Racist Jokes




  • When people start with “ I am not racist but” but then end up saying a racist thing in front of everyone.
  • Muslims playing Hunger games for a whole month and then calling it “Ramadan.”
  • South Africans after realizing they can eat food by not picking it up from the street.
  • Chinese going crazy after not eating Sushi, momos and rice for 9 hours straight.
  • Mexicans killing you after you said Taco is just mexican version of a paapad.
  • When black people punch you for saying the N word but you just wanted to spell Nuggets.
  • When people say I am not racist because racism is a crime, and only black people commit crime.
  • Chinese people cooking their own dog for dinner after inviting me to eat.
  • Me posting the picture of an empty screen so that no one can gt offended but then someone replies “why is it white.”

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