Skill or Luck — Which is the Most Important Factor to Win at Teen Patti?

Teen Patti is also called a three-card poker game played all over the country. This game is often thought simple to play, but mastering it and becoming a pro will require extensive skills and strategies. There are often two important things that determine the outcome of this game — skill, and luck. While many new players believe that luck is the sole factor that can make them win, they are often wrong. 

Luck will only get you so far in a game of Teen Patti, to master it completely, you will need to use your skills and strategies. This is why both luck and skills play an important role in deciding the outcome of this game. If you are just getting into this card game, you must be ready to use your mind and maximize the power of your luck. There are a lot of misconceptions about Teen Patti and how you can win. 

Below is a guide to help you learn the role of both luck and skill to determine which one of them is the most important factor to win. 

The Role of Luck in the Game

The role of luck and fate is a pretty big one in Teen Patti. Since the player with the strongest hand or best cards is declared the winner, getting good cards will surely maximize your chances of winning. Thus, luck or fate plays a big role and can make you win. Although luck is an important part of Teen Patti and Poker, this is still not a guarantee of winning. 

You may feel like you have the best cards, and you will win this hand, but another player could have even better cards. Until you get the best Trail (A-A-A), any other player could have a better hand than you. So, if you plan to play 3Patti solely on luck, you might not be able to get too far in the game. Having a deep understanding of all the cards and card rankings will help you get far. 

You should also be aware of the probability of getting these cards. This will help you determine whether or not your opponents have better cards than you. But, using probability and calculating chances come under skill. So, it is evident that skills are not the only factor that can make you win in a game of Teen Patti. 

The Role of Skill in the Game 

In addition to luck, skill is another factor that plays a critical role in the game of Teen Patti. The game of Teen Patti does not require active strategizing or planning, but you will need to master a set of skills to become a better player. The gameplay is very simple, players are dealt three cards, and whoever gets the best card sequence will be declared the winner. 

However, you don’t have to show your cards to your opponents at the beginning of the game. Every player will have to add a certain amount to the pool and on each turn, you will have an option to bet, fold, or raise. This is where the role of skills comes in. Pro players make the other players think that they have better cards and strong hands. Other players get manipulated and fold even if they have better cards. 

To become a master at Teen Patti, you will need to practice a lot and develop skills outside of the game as well. You will need to get better at reading people’s body language and moves. Skills such as attention, focus, and probability are some of the most important ones. And to become an expert Teen Patti player, you must try to master them. 

Which is More Important Skill or Luck?

The game of Teen Patti is very thrilling. You will never know what will happen next. Except for your own cards you don’t know anything else. This lack of information is what makes this game thrilling and exciting. 

Many players often ask what is more important skill or luck. But the answer to this question is Both. Luck or fate will give you better cards and the confidence you need to beat other players. However, without skills, you will not be able to use your luck properly. 

So, instead of worrying about luck, you should try to focus on your skills and luck will naturally come your way. With the right skills, you will be able to win even when you get weaker cards. Even though both luck and skill are important, there is only one you can sharpen. 

Can You Improve Your Skills?

Improving at Teen Patti is possible, but it will take regular practice and commitment. You should try to play as many games as you can with real players. Try different tactics and strategies and notice the response of your opponents. It will help you identify the strategies that are working for you and build a solid understanding of the game. 

Online Teen Patti is all about practice and commitment. Make sure you completely soak up all the rules of the game and play regularly with your friends. Once you get comfortable with your friends use online apps and play with other expert players. It will help you learn from expert players and get some insights on how you can win in this game. 


Teen Patti is as much a game of skill as it is of luck. You cannot leave it solely on your luck and expect to win every time. If you want to put in the effort and become a better player, you can play online on the Adda52 app. Download the app and once you have mastered the game you can even play cash games and participate in tournaments as well. Happy gaming!