Sushil Singh: A Creative Journey

Sushil Singh, who is a famous businessperson from India, has an inspiring journey to tell. The Indian entrepreneur is the force behind three organizations and one Non-Governmental Organisation (NGO). He started his entrepreneurial journey with SSR Techvision in 2015. 

SSR Techvision

SSR Techvision is a famous Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) platform. They do have working offices in the United States of America and India. In just six years, SRR has become a global customer care service powerhouse. They do work with some of the best firms and do the outsourcing job. From Europe to America, SSR Techvision does have a global reach and reputation. It shows how well this brand is working. 

It feels Sushil has used all his experience of dealing with customers to make this brand a success. However on his LinkedIn page, there is not much information available about his previous jobs. They are possibly hidden due to some reasons. However, one thing is sure that he must have worked for some top organizations.    

SSR’s official website is as followed:

SaiVa System

Four years later, Sushil Singh came up with his second organization. SaiVa System is a famous Information Technology hub and recruitment agency. They do have some of the top IT brains working for internal and external projects. Being a recruitment firm, SaiVa System works for some of the best IT organisations around the world as a recruitment agency. Saiva’s IT mind works for various other internal and external organizations. It comes from the fabric of SaiVa AcadEmy, which is a famous firm of honing IT skills and making them ready for the industry at a very good package. In every three to four months, they make students ready for top IT firms with their skill-focused plans.   

SaiVa System’s official website is as followed:


In the same year (2019), Sushil Singh, along with his wife Sarita Singh, started an online fashion brand named Deebaco. The brand is a well-known name in the world of fashion. From dresses to belts, they do sell the latest products for women. Deebaco, being a brand, works with several top names from fashion. 

Deebaco’s official website is as followed:

Just Wish

Just Wish is a famous NGO. Volunteers of Just Wish work day and night for saving trees and helping this world to become a better place for all. From young children’s education to growing trees, Just Wish stays ahead in every department. 

Just Wish’s official website is as followed: