Sun. Oct 2nd, 2022

Every woman is aware of the struggle of finding the perfect swimwear for herself. Many spend years searching for an ideal swimsuit that will flatter their physique. Swimwear that’s unflattering and uncomfortable can diminish your confidence at the beach and pool parties significantly. But finding the perfect one is only a matter of knowing about your body type and the material you feel the most comfortable in. A flattering swimwear with features like adjustable and convertible straps and soft cup support will help you look and feel your best. Given below are some of the most effective tips you can use to find the best swimwear according to your body shape. Everybody


Pear-Shaped Body

Ladies with this body type have narrow shoulders, slender waists, and broad hips. If you are a pear-shaped woman, then explore ‘mix and match’ bikinis. For instance, you can pair a plain bottom with a highly patterned top. It immediately emphasizes the bust and imparts a visual balance to your physique.


Another flattering option for you is high-cut legs. These elongate the physique and create the illusion of longer legs. Thus, you look taller and shapelier.


Apple Shaped Body

Apple-shaped bodies have slender shoulders and hips but fuller midriffs and busts. There are many varieties of swimsuits that women with this body type can explore. An excellent option for such ladies is swimsuits that have ruching in the middle or the sides. It gives a cinched-in waist illusion. You can also opt for high-cut bottoms. They show off your shapely legs and hips. If you desire a swimsuit that flatters your tummy area, go in for high-waisted bikini bottoms. A halter top with a good fit supports and lifts your bust to create an elongated torso.


Athletic Shaped Body

Athletic body type is a great one as it’s well-proportioned. Women with athletic bodies won’t have difficulty achieving a sense of balance with their swimwear. Explore an array of beautiful patterns, colours, and cuts. Such women also have a smaller bust. So, you don’t need bras with much support. Those having frills and ruching as well as bold patterns will flatter your physique to a great extent. A one-piece swimsuit with a plunging V-neckline also looks gorgeous on small busts. You can also opt for a one-piece having keyhole cut-outs and forge the illusion of a curvy silhouette.


Carrot Shaped Body

This body type is also referred to as the inverted triangle. Women with such bodies have long and slender legs, a fuller bust, broad shoulders, and narrow hips. When selecting swimwear to flatter your body shape, you need to pay attention to creating a balance. Look for swimwear with horizontal stripes. They look flattering on such body shapes. Such swimwear widens the hips and thus balances out the wide shoulders. You can also opt for bolder patterns and colours on the bottom half of your bikini.


Hourglass Body Shape

This body type has a full bust, small waist, and round hips. If you have this body type, then you’ll look perfect in a classic bikini featuring a bra-style top. You can also look in for those bikinis that have glam embellishments. Hourglass bodies require more bust support. So, explore tops having underwiring. They should have broader fastening straps for optimal comfort.


Every body type is unique in itself. But you need to pick a swimsuit that fits your body type the best. Look into flattering swimwear that offers you features like an adjustable back hook and power mesh support on the front and back. It ensures that you feel your comfortable best. You can thus become ready to head out at the beach anytime, anywhere.


Author Name: Hannah Gilbert