Tips to Transform Your Office Space

Today’s offices are a far cry from rigid, grey, and dull cubicles. Modern workplaces look professional and provide a sense of playful openness to their employees. It is important for you to create your office area in a way that’s productive and communicates your core business values. For instance, you can invest in name badges made of aluminium for your employees. Such sleek badges come in a variety of sizes and styles. You can include not only your employee’s name but also your business name on them.


Keep reading to know some easy ways to transform your office space and make it look more professional.



Use Colours in Your Space Cleverly

Colour can overhaul a drab looking office into a professional yet playful zone. So, try to incorporate it into your office design. For instance, you can think of a bold feature wall. If you aren’t a fan of bold shades, look into subtle décor accents. If you’re unsure about the colours that will suit your office space, use your brand colours. Keep the big walls and furniture in neutral shades and do not paint every surface in bold colours.


Revamp the Staff Room

You can revamp the break area or staff room to let your employees relax during a break. Some great ideas for you are listed below.


  • Include several seating options, like tables, chairs, and sofas, to help your employees eat lunch comfortably.
  • Add elements for recreation, like a bookshelf or card games.
  • Stock up on essential equipment, like a coffee machine, fridge, and kettle. It will allow your employees to relax during their downtime.


Invest in Name Tags and Badges

Communication gets enhanced between employees when they know each other’s names. In large companies, employees have to interact regularly with those they are not familiar with. Name tags and badges break down the communication barriers between employees. You can find aluminium or plastic name badges for pet ID tags or desk plaques. They’re available in a range of customisable name and ID tags and are easy to personalise. The plastic badges have resin domes and are printed in full colour. You can ask for custom laser cuts to suit your needs.


Give Your Staff a Quiet Space for Phone Calls and Meetings

When it comes to attending or conducting meetings and phone calls, employees need a place that’s private and quiet. An office booth is an ideal solution for this. It helps the staff members to step away from the noise of the main office area and fulfil their professional commitments without any distractions. An office booth with a modern layout and portable meeting pods can build a comfortable yet professional environment for your employees.


Add Some Rugs

Rugs are a perfect way to outline different office spaces without building physical barriers. Many offices have a large space with numerous sections. You can easily separate those parts using rugs. If your office space is small, you can add rugs underneath the different furniture items. They act as great accents. You can also place one directly outside the doors of your workspace. One or two rugs can indeed enliven the whole space.



With the tips mentioned above, you can effortlessly transform your workspace into a more professional looking one. You don’t have to implement all of them. Find something that suits your unique requirements and space layout.

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Author Name: Hannah Gilbert