Top 3 Benefits of Singapore PR & Why You Should Apply

Singapore is the best country in Asia to live, study, and work. It is generally safe with low crime rates, has a high standard of living, has great infrastructure, plenty of job opportunities, and business set up is fast and simple. Personal taxes in Singapore are also one of the lowest in the world. 

A melting pot of cultures, residents get to enjoy food from all over the world. Designed as a city in a garden, Singapore has national parks all over the island for an outdoorsy experience. Entertainment and nightlife is also vibrant, letting residents both local and foreign enjoy the city 24/7.

There are so many benefits to living in Singapore. This is why thousands of people apply to become a Singapore permanent resident (PR). Below are the top 3 benefits of being a Singapore PR:

  • Job Flexibility

Work passes for professionals such as S-Pass and Employment Pass (EP), are tied to your employers and your employment contract. With the recent changes made to tighten foreign talent reliance, work passes eligibility will be increased gradually over the  next 2 years. This applies to both Employment Pass (EP) and S-Pass holders. With this comes a quota framework where only qualified and required talent can remain in Singapore. Merely holding on to a Work Pass does not guarantee your job and future in Singapore anymore. Because of this, your goal of staying in Singapore long-term might be cut short. 

For Singapore PR holders, this problem becomes redundant as permanent residents enjoy job security and flexibility and freedom to remain in the country with or without a job.

  • Affordable Housing Options

Becoming a Singapore PR offers you the option to buy affordable housing through HDB and greater tax rebates as compared to being an expat. Renting has always been expensive in Singapore and due to recent global events, price indices are soaring to record highs.

  • Affordable & Quality Education

If you have school-going children, having a Singapore PR gives you the option to place your child(ren) into local public schools, a much affordable option than international schools, without compromising on the quality of education. To date, Singapore is known to have one the best education systems in the world.

So how does one apply for Singapore PR?

Applicants has the option to apply on the Immigration and Checkpoints Authority (ICA) website on their own. However, the ICA does not provide much insights into the parameters and and details into what they are looking for. With high competition, potentially frequent policy and industry changes, it is advisable to apply with eyes wide open. This can be achieved via engaging with a reputable immigration consultancy firm who would likely keep a close pulse on the ground on all things immigration. 

Apart from the ICA, a government agency handling all immigration purposes, there are many private companies that offer immigration-related services. Such companies offer a range of immigration services such as Singapore PR application, Singapore Citizenship application, Work Pass application, business relocation services, and business incorporation services. Immigration@SG (IASG) is one such company. 

IASG is an expert immigration consultancy firm that helps Singapore PR applicants achieve a higher chance of approval. IASG does this by using their client’s unique profile and customising the application to the current government guidelines and policies. IASG’s expertise, in-depth knowledge, and years of experience allow them to specialise in handling complex immigration cases. Many have attained success in their applications with IASG’s help and are enjoying life in Singapore with their loved ones.