Fri. Jan 28th, 2022

You might encounter a few aspects that only apply to your big day in planning for your wedding. However, numerous things are expected in nearly all weddings. It might pertain to logistics, budget, and general practices that allow you to quickly prepare for the big day if you familiarize yourself with them early.

Though you only have a limited time to plan for the wedding, educate yourself about the common mistakes brides-to-be tend to make. It’ll ensure that you’ve prepared yourself for the big day. Knowing what to avoid will also ensure that the wedding will be perfect.

Below is a list of mistakes that every couple should avoid when planning their wedding.

Not Opting for an Unplugged Event

Organizing an unplugged event is one of the best ways to make your wedding unique and memorable. One of the best aspects of your big day is feeling the support and love of your family and friends. But that you won’t attain that if the guests only focus on their phones, posting your ceremony on social media.

You and your loved ones will enjoy your party more if they’re fully present for this unique, once-in-a-lifetime moment. Your photographer will also want to reduce the competition while capturing the event.

Not Thinking About a Guest’s RSVP

Nearly 20–25 percent of guests opt not to attend a local wedding. Around 30–50 percent will not participate in a destination wedding. However, bear in mind that’s just an assumption. If your venue has a limit on the number of guests you can accommodate or your budget doesn’t have room for extra people, inform your guests clearly.

Be clear with your assumptions of who will decline or accept the invitation. It’s a simple way of reducing the risks of inviting too many guests to the gathering. Making a guest list at the early part of your planning will ensure that you hit the ideal count. You won’t want any unplanned plus-ones on that day.

Not Planning for the Day’s Weather

You also have to prepare yourself for extreme weather conditions if you decide to have a destination or an outdoor wedding. If your venue has both an outdoor and indoor area, ask if you can use the indoor site if the weather goes south. Most venues will cater to multiple events at the same time if possible.

If the indoor area isn’t available, have a contingency plan. It’ll help you determine if you should move to an entirely new venue. It’ll also be wise to provide blankets, ponchos, or umbrellas for the guests and plastic coverings for the food and decorations that can get exposed to rain.

Not Working with the Right Vendors

Hiring the right team of vendors is also necessary because it’ll help you plan and pull off a perfect wedding. Your wedding planner works as your source of information and your foundation for helping you build your dream team. Once you hire an organizer, don’t be afraid to ask them for a few recommendations of vendors they’ll want to work with for the event. If they have a few names, check each of them to check their abilities.

Find the time to look through a photographer’s portfolio to find the person that shares the same artistic approach. You can be thrifty with the other aspects of your wedding but not on the people handling the planning and execution of your plans.

When looking for a vendor, one last thing to consider is which jewelry store can provide the perfect diamond engagement ring you’ll want to propose with. The theme should match your betrothed’s ring. Discussing them with your planner will aid in getting the desired result.

Not Getting an Event Photographer

Most couples find it hard to work with a photographer because most of them opt not to stay until the end of the reception. Due to budget constraints, other couples also have problems having a grand reception exit or hiring a photographer for extra hours. But it’s worth the extra effort to be flexible with your budget for this aspect.

It’ll ensure that every critical moment of your wedding gets captured. Your reception exit is also the most exciting aspect of the wedding, so every couple should think about including a unique concept to end the reception.

Trying New Things Before the Event

Bear in mind that the morning or night before your wedding isn’t the best time to try a new beauty routine. In fact, giving yourself more time to try new beauty looks, tricks, or products will aid in determining whether you’re comfortable with the change. If you’re not satisfied with the new look, give your skin time to adjust. Once you’ve found the routine that makes you look good, stick to it through your wedding day.


Knowing which mistakes to avoid while planning your wedding will make you more confident that your special day will go smoothly. It’ll also help you prepare for the pre- and post-wedding aspects of the gathering.

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