Why Homeopathic Remedies Can Help Prevent the Flu

In the COVID-19 age, the flu seems to be getting less publicity. That’s understandable given the danger that severe COVID illness poses. However, the flu is no less unpleasant than it was before the pandemic. Staying immune from the flu can feel like you’re trying to shoot a rapidly moving target. Fortunately, homeopathic remedies can help you combat cold and flu symptoms plus provide a little extra defense.

Why Fighting the Flu Is Hard

You probably have a basic understanding of how the human immune system works. Exposure to a pathogen, whether from illness or receiving vaccines, prompts specialized white blood cells to make antibodies. Also known as B lymphocytes, these white blood cells preserve a “memory” of the pathogen so your immune system can launch defenses in the future.

Normally, this system works smoothly and helps you fight off infection. But the flu is caused by viruses that can adapt and change over time. Even when your immune system produces antibodies against one version of the flu, the virus can evolve into a new version that your immune system won’t recognize. Your old antibodies offer some protection, but you can still get sick.

How Symptoms Develop

Getting sick with the flu isn’t fun. The major reason is the barrage of symptoms that come with it, ranging from coughing to diarrhea. These result from proteins that our bodies kick out when we’re infected. These proteins link up with enzymes, triggering the familiar and not-so-lovely aftereffects.

Your immune system needs to act in order to fight the infection. But is there any way to reduce the nasty symptoms you experience? A protein antibody known as Lapine Histamine Immune Globulin may hold the key. As an active ingredient in Brillia natural flu medicine, this antibody binds to histamines. These histamines’ purpose is to kick the offending pathogen or allergen out of your body, but an overabundance produces symptoms that make you feel worse while fighting colds and the flu.

More Antibodies in Homeopathic Meds

Lapine Histamine Immune Globulin is an effective means for combating flu symptoms, but it’s not the only one at work in Brillia Health’s cold and flu remedies. For instance, Lapine CD4 immune globulin helps your immune system do more heavy lifting to combat viral infections. Meanwhile, Lapine interferon gamma immune globulin also ramps up your immune system response to speed up recovery.

Brillia Health cold remedies come in two versions: Cold and Flu Recovery, and Cough Control. Another antibody present specifically in Cough Control is Lapine morphine immune globulin. This antibody inhibits pain signals that normally travel to your brain, which helps mitigate discomfort from coughing and body aches. Working alongside it in Brillia’s cough tablets is Lapine bradykinin immune globulin, which aids in toning down your coughing reflex.

Safe, Effective Solutions

Thanks to the ways in which it taxes your body, recovering from a cold or flu can make you feel tired and awful. But with homeopathic remedies such as those from Brillia Health, you don’t have to stay feeling awful. These safe and impactful solutions can aid your body’s immunity and reduce unpleasant symptoms.

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