Tue. Sep 27th, 2022

Slowly but surely, weighted blankets are gaining ground and are beginning to command a strong presence among sleeping items. Thanks to its numerous advantages which include providing relief from anxiety, ADHD and of course, help people sleep peacefully. Users of weighted blanket testify of the relief it gives them after a long day commuting between the boardroom and their space at work; a long day at school and for nursing mothers, they choose weighted blanket because it helps them unwind, relax and have a prolonged night sleep after a hectic day of chasing toddlers around the house.

You will agree that the body needs a tangible amount of sleep to function and the weighted blanket offers just that, after all, who wouldn’t want to invest in anything that aids their productivity?

Apart from improving sleep, a weighted blanket is also preferred to other blankets because unlike the regular sleeping duvets out there, the weighted blanket doesn’t require a frequent wash. It only needs to be washed three to four times a year, as long as it isn’t dusty or smelly. Anyone will get the best out of a weighted blanket as long as they adhere to the unwritten rules such as:

·         When buying, select a weighted blanket that is about 7 to 12 percent of your total body weight. Simply, a 120-pound person should get a blanket weighing anywhere from 8 to 14 pounds.

·         Keep pets away from your weighted blanket. This is to prevent it from getting stained and causing you to wash frequently. If you must let your pets on, ensure they are properly cleaned.

·         Do not use as bedspreads. Weighted blankets should only be used as covers, it should be placed on you and not you lying on them.

·         Wash only when necessary and adhere strictly to manufacturer’s washing instructions. Frequent washing depletes its shelf-life faster.

·         Buy only quality blankets. They cost a lot already so don’t do yourself a disservice by paying more for a basic quality blanket that fades, shrinks, or tears after the first wash.

The importance of having a weighted blanket in every home cannot be overemphasized


Even though it is becoming a thing, it can’t be denied that there are people who are completely unaware of the functionality of the weighted blankets and it is seen in the kind of questions they ask. Questions such as: “is weighted blanket safe for kids?” “Do weighted blankets keep you cool?” “Are weighted blankets hot?” among many others.

Maybe just like others, you have heard a lot about the relaxing benefits of the weighted blanket and while you plan to get one for yourself, you can’t help but wonder “are weighted blankets hot? Will they be too hot to sleep under?”

Yes, weighted blankets are heavy but compared to regular blankets, weighted blankets are not hot. They don’t have any heat settings and do not generate heat in any way, like a heating blanket. If you are worried about getting too hot while using the weighted blanket, all you need to do is choose one that helps you balance your body heat and keep you comfortable.

The kind of material used for producing the blanket is what determines the amount of heat created or trapped in the blanket. This is why it is important to research thoroughly on the fabric before buying a weighted blanket because a lot of the ones available in the market uses warm fabrics and low-quality materials. 

Fabrics such as Minky, Tencel, or Lyocell are breathable and do not trap heat when in use. Look out for fillers such as Micro glass beads as well. Avoid materials such as Poly Pellets fillers, they trap heat and restrict airflow. Avoid blankets made with Polyester fabrics at all costs for they do nothing but retain your body heat and leave you sticky, sweaty and uncomfortable, and unable to sleep. So, to answer your question, are weighted blankets hot? The simple answer is that it depends on the type of material and filler used in the production of said blanket.