How To Play Online Mendicot Game?

This Indian card game is called Mendicot (pronounced men-dee-coat). Now, it is also available internet as an online mendicot game. Played in North India, dehla pakad is similar to the game. The ultimate objective of the game is for the team to win all the 10s (10 clubs, 10 diamonds, 10 spades). People play online mendicot game with their friends and have a lot of fun.

Since, it has available on the internet, the users have increased many times. I didn’t use to play it but now I play online mendicot game too.

This game originated from Maharashtra and Gujarat in India, known as Mendicot. However, the world has become famous for its fun tricks and interesting gameplay. Mendicotte tricks can be used to win a wide variety of other card games, like the Spades and Poker games. You can play the amazing online Mendicot game if you are fed up with the hectic work schedules and want to take a nice weekend break. This game can be played by 4 players in a team of 2.

Ranking of Cards- Unlike other games like poker, this game’s card rank goes from Ace to King before reaching the Two’s.

A team must win two tricks of Tens in order to win the online Mendicot game. In this game, the team that wins the trick first wins the game.

Players- A four-player game can be played with a standard 52-card deck of cards. It has already been mentioned that the teams will play in an anticlockwise fashion here.

Online Mendicot Game Rules

The game includes 13 Mendicot tricks in total. To determine the winner of the game, the cards are then examined by the dealer.

A winning hand is determined by the following factors:

1.    Through its tricks, the team that succeeds in grabbing all three or four tens wins the game. All four tens must be collected by a partnership before the dealer claims it as a Mendikot.

2.    A team holding seven or more tricks wins when both two teams have two 10s. That means the partnership with the most tricks wins the game.

3.    For every hand won, a team receives one point, and the first team to score five points wins. Focus on grabbing 3 to 4 points as quickly as possible if you want to win the game.

4.    In most Mendikot card games, a maximum ten is the aim and immediate combinations are set at the end.

Mandicot Game Tips and Tricks

In Online Mendicot game tricks and tips can help you to win the game. Getting the victory at the end can depend on winning maximum tricks, which are the focal point of your partnership. Possibly because of this, Indian families spend countless hours learning the rules and strategies for Mendicot games. In our country, it has been a legacy passed down through generations.

What is Teen Patti Game Online Betting?

There is a trading card game called Teen Patti which originated in India and is very popular in South Asia. Now you can play it online as Teen Patti game online. In the origin of the game, both poker and three-card brag had a strong influence. It is also called flushing or flashing in some areas.

The Teen Patti game online, which is closely related to Hindu celebrations, is also a social game that many people play as a form of digital 3 patti. This song is most commonly heard during Diwali.

A playing card game can be classified into this category if it consists of traditional or game-specific based playing cards.

The types of card games can be categorized into families (such as poker and teen patti).

Ranking of Hands

There are two ways to play the Teen Patti game online. Two Jokers can be used as wild cards in a 52-card deck. A player must maximize their pot before the showdown in order to beat their opponents’ three-card hand. In poker, higher-ranked hands always beat lower-ranked hands. There will be a split of the pot no matter which player called for the showdown. Players with the highest suits win the pot in a variation based on suits ranking.


So, playing online mandicot game and teen patti game online is easy for you now.

Everything in this digital era has shifted from offline to online. That’s how the games also shifted from offline to online mode.

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