Top 5 places one should look to visit in Portland

Portland is indeed the jewel of the state of Oregon’s crown. It is the biggest city in Oregon, United States. Snow-capped Mount Hood makes this city cut above the rest in many different ways. It gives the city a beautiful white touch. Human eyes do like snow and trees more than any other natural place according to some scientific reports. Hence, it shows the value of Mount Hood in Oregon, US. Despite it is not a place in everyone’s US dream, there is no shame in visiting this enigmatic city. In a way, one can learn more things about the financial capital of Oregon. Hence, let us take a look at the top five places one should look to visit in Portland. Find vacation rentals, cabins, beach houses, unique homes, and experiences around the world –   

5 Portland Japanese Garden

PJG is indeed a very cinematic place. The very garden is one of the beloved places for even locals. If they do love to visit over there on a regular basis, then tourists will always look at it as a captivating mystery. The garden gives a mixture of Japanese-American culture and at the same time, it indeed makes the relationship between the US and Japan just perfect. 

4 Portland: Lan Su Chinese Garden   

Lan Su Chinese Garden also makes nature’s lovers feel the magic. It gives a massive Chinese touch to the class of the United States. Hence, it is hard to find many better places than this.  

3 Pittock Mansion 

Pittock Mansion is a beautiful place with a fantastic French touch. It is the best French Renaissance-style château in the United States in many eyes. Therefore, one needs nothing more to show the class of the very location. 

2 Washington Park

Washington Park shows classical trees with amazing red flowers. Anything related to Washington is a massive place to visit for every US citizen. 

1 International Rose Test Garden

International Rose Test Garden makes the city even more special. Hence, it is hard to find one nature-loving nation than the jewel of Oregon. 

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